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Book Review: The Best For You

The Best For You, by Kelsey Stewart is a book designed to help an adopted child understand that his birth mother’s difficult decision to place him for adoption was based on love.

The book is written from the perspective of the birth mother and explains the reasons she decided to place her child for adoption. It’s honest, tender and answers the question that so many adopted children have: Why did my mother give me up?

“There were so many things I had to think about. I was not just thinking about myself, I was also thinking about you. Most importantly, I was thinking about what would be best for you.” The mother goes on to describe her thinking process, explores what their life would be like if she kept him and ultimately concludes that a stable family with a mother and father would be better for the child.

“I thought about our future. I had not finished college. Without a degree I would probably have to work long hours or more than one job to provide for us. All that extra work would mean less time with you…I then thought of the most important thing about having you. I was not married, and that meant you would be raised without a dad. I think all children should have a mom and dad to guide them through life. This is the one thing I could not provide, and I decided to find a mom and dad for you.”

Kelsey Stewart is a birth mother who has maintained a relationship with three of her children who were adopted. She says she wrote the book to help her children understand why she chose adoption for them. It is a very personal book that she also illustrated and the care and love that went into it is evident.

The birth mother in The Best for You explains how she searched for the perfect family that would provide a loving, safe home and reassures the child that she thinks about him every day. The final page contains a beautiful illustration of a family tree constructed from hearts connecting both the adoptive and birth families together.

“Always know that I love you. Adoption does not mean that I gave up. Adoption does not mean that you were not loved or not wanted. Adoption means you have more than one family that loves you. Adoption means you will always be in my heart, whatever I do. Adoption means I wanted the best for you.”

The Best For You is a wonderful gift for any child who is struggling to understand why his birth mother chose adoption. It will be appreciated by those adopted domestically and internationally and is a great way to begin or continue the dialogue with your child.

The Best For You,
By Kelsey Stewart
AuthorHouse 2009
Ages 4-10

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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful review of my book! It is wonderful to hear that the message of the book was heard, and your description of how I tried to show the best and also the sad parts of placing for adoption. I hope that all of your readers will consider picking it up and reading it. My hope is that every adopted child understands just how much they are thought of and loved … even if it is from afar!

    All my best to you, and thank you again!

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