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Book review: Rosie’s Family, An Adoption Story

I’ve got a half a dozen children’s books on adoption, but this is the one my 5-year-old daughter likes the most. A frank book that addresses interracial adoption, Rosie’s Family tells the story of a beagle who was adopted as a puppy by a family of schnauzers.  It was written to be used primarily as a guide for parents to discuss adoption with their children and addresses everything from looking different, to fears about being sent back to a birth family.

The book is very forthcoming and I think my daughter likes it because it validates some of her feelings and enables us to discuss them in a “safe” way. It is a book that discusses the reality of adoption, rather than sugar-coating it or explaining it away with an incomplete answer, such as “God sent you to us.” It explains feelings and emotions in a way that children can relate to and even addresses some questions that other children may ask. It talks about displaced anger children may feel towards the adoptive parent and encourages them to talk about it with their parents.The pictures are whimsical and forward the story line by further encouraging discussions.

Ultimately, Rosie’s story emphasizes the importance of a family that loves you no matter where you were born or what you look like. It stresses the way in which family members are alike rather than different. It is a great book to begin discussions about adoption with your child or other young family members, like nieces and nephews. But do be prepared to answer questions honestly and openly because the book certainly brings up issues that may stir up some emotions. There is a discussion section in the back of the book to help parents addressed some of these issues and provides guidance about steering the conversation in a positive direction.

Rosie’s Family, An Adoption Story

By Lori Rosove

Pictures by Heather Burrill

US $7.95

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  1. Danette says:

    Lisa, since my children are now teenagers, I am no longer that familiar with children’s books on adoption. This sounds like a wonderful one and I wish it had been available when my children were younger. Thanks!

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