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Raising mentally healthy children

Adopted or not, there are some things all parents can do to help their children live mentally healthy lives. From Everyday Health: A new Internet poll of 2,000 parents finds that there are some key things you can do to raise a mentally healthy child:

First, shower them with love.

“Love and affection are the best predictors of good outcomes,” said Robert Epstein, a parenting expert who conducted the poll and wrote about it in the current issue of Scientific American Mind.

Next, take care of yourself and your spouse.

Parents who said they had a good relationship with their spouse (even if they were divorced) were more likely to say their children were happy; ditto for people who said their stress levels were under control.

Rounding out the top 10 factors parenting experts and those surveyed said are important for raising healthy kids: Encourage respect and age-appropriate self-reliance; place a high value on education, learning and open-mindedness; provide for your child’s material needs with a steady income and a plan for the future; use positive reinforcement to manage behavior; model a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating well; support your child’s spiritual or religious development; and keep your child safe. (You can take the parenting survey yourself.)

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