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Europeans Adopting Americans

hikingAs the number of international adoptions decrease, there is one country in which there has been an increase in infants being adopted internationally — the US. Europeans are adopting African American babies in higher numbers than ever. An adoption attorney said:  ’The Dutch families were just interested in adopting an infant. The color of the child’s skin didn’t matter to them.” It is also one of the few countries where gay couples can adopt.

The news is interesting considering  that fewer international adoptions are being completed by Americans According to the U.S. Department of State’s FY 2012 Annual Report on Intercountry Adoptions, American families adopted 8,668 foreign-born children in 2012, a decline from the 9,319 that they adopted in 2011. The report notes that 2012 is the eighth straight year in which intercountry adoptions have decreased since the peak year of 2004, when close to 23,000 children were adopted from other countries.

Read more about the increase of American babies being adopted in a CNN story.

CNN reported: Elisa van Meurs grew up with a Polish au pair, speaks fluent Dutch and English and loves horseback riding — her favorite horse is called Kiki but she also rides Pippi Longstocking, James Bond, and Robin Hood.

She plays tennis and ice hockey, and in the summer likes visiting her grandmother in the Swiss Alps.

“It’s really nice to go there because you can walk in the mountains and you can mountain bike … you can see Edelweiss sometimes,” said the 13-year-old, referring to the famous mountain flower that blooms above the tree line.

It’s a privileged life unlike that of her birth mother, a woman of African American descent from Indianapolis who had her first child at age 15. Her American family is “really nice but they don’t have a lot of money to do stuff,” said Elisa, who met her birth mother, and two siblings in 2011. “They were not so rich.”

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