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Parents Shape Orphans’ Brains

treeNational Public Radio (NPR) a US radio program recently aired a program about Izidor Ruckel, who was adopted from an abusive orphanage in Romania by an American couple when he was 11. After years of conflicts with his adoptive parents, they reunited and became close when he as an adult.

According to Nim Tottenham,a professor who conducted research on adopted children, “Parents are playing a really big role in shaping children’s brain development.” And parenting, she says, is a bit like oxygen. It’s easy to take for granted until you see someone who isn’t getting enough.

Children who are adopted by about age 2 are most likely to grow up with typical brains, researchers say. Other neglected children, though, often show remarkable recoveries. Izidor Ruckel, for example, turned out just fine.

Listen to the full story.

The Washington Post also ran an article about Izidor, who now works to save children who are stuck in horrendous orphanages in Romania.

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