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Build Self-Esteem in Black Girls

DSC_0041I love the advice in the article below about empowering our black girls and making them feel powerful and beautiful. If we affirm our little girls in these ways, they will feel more beautiful and secure in themselves and their looks. I found this article on Baby & Blog

1. Daily Affirmations. Give lots of praise through words and actions. Tell her every day the things that make her beautiful, and have her say it as well. You are beautiful. Your eyes are beautiful. Your hair is beautiful. Your skin is beautiful. Your nose is beautiful. You are capable of doing great things. You are intelligent. You are loved. Have her repeat it: I love myself, I love my eyes, I love my hair, I love my beautiful brown skin, I love my nose, I am capable of doing great things, I am intelligent, I am smart, I am loved.

2. Surround her with beautiful images of black people in books, media and art around your home. Need a list? This post on books, movies and TV shows that affirm brown girls is helpful.

3. Sing songs that affirm black beauty like, James Brown’s ‘Say It loud’ or Sesame Street’s ‘I Love My Hair’.

There’s more advice on the site. I love playing India Arie for my girls. She’s a beautiful, happy, self-secure African American woman who writes songs about loving yourself — your hair, your skin and your inner beauty.



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