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Brown emoticons hit the market

A company based in Mauritius, an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa, has created brown emoticons that can be uploaded for free from the Google Play store. For now they are compatible with external apps like WhatsApp and Twitter. Oju Africa created the emojissmiles to counter the limited ethnicities available on Apple’s iPhones and to spread a positive message about Africa and Africans.

“At oju we have identified a need, we Africans need a voice in today’s modern world, a voice that represents us in the computer driven present and future. An African voice that not only understands the African way, but supports all our diverse cultures and bring to life all our emotions, passions and our warmth as a continent in a proudly African way,” the company website explains. “Positivity arms us with the believe that anything is possible, Africa has a strong and proud voice – all 1.1 billion of us. Our revolution is kickin’ it, liberating Africans from digital exclusion. Sharing with the world our soul, funk and our unparalleled African smiles.”

What do you think? Will you use the emoticons?



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