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Questions to ask an Adoption Therapist to Determine Competence

I found this list on the Secret Sons & Daughters website. The site has a lot of excellent comments from counselors, so visit and check out what they say. In the meantime, here’s a list of 10 questions that adoption therapist Leslie Pate Mackinnon recommends you ask when choosing an adoption therapist. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1. What is your experience working with the triad? Are you familiar with the term?

2. Have you worked mainly with adopted children, or also with adult adoptees and birth parents?

3. Do you have experience working with international and trans-racial adoptees?

4. What are the top books you would recommend to learn more about the issues inherent to adoption? (Primal Wound, and 20 Things Adoptive Kids Wished Their Parents Knew are two)

5. Since little is mentioned about adoption or foster care in undergraduate programs, have you received post-graduate certification in an adoption clinical competency program?

6. Do you attend conferences related to adoption needs and concerns? (These are typically held by the American Adoption Congress, Child Welfare League of America, and North American Council on Adoptive Children)

7. What are your thoughts on open versus closed adoption? (Should favor open across the board with the exception of very contentious situations.)

8. What is your experience with clients reuniting with their birth families? (Favorable in supporting search & reunion?)

9. What is your thinking about minor children meeting their birth parents? (Should support; obviously with supervision of adoptive parents)

10. Do you know of any local support groups for adoptive parents, adoptees or birth parents?

Read more on the Secret Sons & Daughters website.

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