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Ethiopian Adoption Search Registry

A new website helps Ethiopian birth families find and connect with their children who were adopted abroad.

Ethiopian Adoption Connection was created with the goal of matching Ethiopian birth families with their children adopted ethiopiaflagabroad. Their priority is helping those who cannot search or who have searched and been unsuccessful.

Many adoptive families are fortunate enough to receive identifiable information about their child’s family of origin, and they share that information with their adopted child. Others are able to open their adoptions through searching post adoption. However, there are some adoptees and adoptive families who receive no information at adoption and for whom searching has led nowhere.

Ethiopian mothers and fathers whose children were adopted often have no information about where their child is currently living. Without information, finding their child is virtually impossible. Even for families that have some information, making contact can be difficult. Adoption agencies are not always cooperative, and searchers are expensive. For these mothers and fathers, there is little recourse.

Visit the Ethiopian Adoption Connection website for more information about how to participate.

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