Adoption isn’t easy, but adopting while living abroad can seem  impossible. It took me three years to figure out how to adopt while living in France. During that time I was tortured by language issues and a bureaucracy that kept me running back and forth to the same agencies dozens of times. We were the first mixed non-French couple who wanted to adopt in the region and the department of social welfare was not amused by our diverse documents or our poor language skills (I’m American and my husband is Swedish).

Compounding it all was the fear that we could handle being new parents while simultaneously trying to learn a new language in a new country where the culture was so different from our own. This blog will chronicle some of the issues we dealt with during our first adoption and our journey as we try to adopt a second child.

I’ll tell you how to navigate the process from abroad, what to expect and where you can go for resources to help. I’ll write about issues all adoptive parent can expect, as well as some of the special ones that those of  us raising our children abroad face.

Whenever possible, I’ll have guest bloggers who have gone through the adoption process in different countries and can explain how to adopt from the country they’re living in. And I’ll have information for US military families who are stationed abroad.

If you’d like to contribute send me and email and tell me about yourself and your situation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if I can help in any way.

Good luck on your adoption journey!