I have received a request to add a page for singles who want to adopt. I’ll try to collect information about what countries allow singles to adopt and what the requirements are and will post it here. Please help by sending information that can be shared.

Read an interview with social worker Debbie Driessen-Grika about singles adopting while living abroad.

Here is the list of countries that allow single males to adopt. Please double check by doing your own research to confirm they are still open to single males adopting.

* Bulgaria
* Latvia
* Uganda
* Columbia
* Haiti
* the Phillipines

This is a list of countries that allow single women to adopt.

* Bulgaria
* China
* Colombia – singles can only adopt a child over age 7
* DRC – singles must adopt a child of the same sex
* Ethiopia
* Ghana – singles may adopt only if they are a citizen of Ghana
* Guyana
* Haiti
* Honduras
* Hungary (although married couples are preferred)
* Kenya – a single woman may adopt from Kenya if:
- the child is a relative
- the child has special needs
- the applicant has adopted or has another child
– child has sibling who is also being adopted by applicant
- applicant is the only person available to adopt the child
* Latvia
* Marshall Islands
* Moldova
* Morocco
* Phillipines
* Poland
* Peru
* Taiwan
* Uganda – child must be same sex as the parent