Country of adoption

Here are a some resources that will help you to understand what different countries require of prospective parents. Every country has its own set of rules:  Some allow singles to adopt, others require that couples be married, some require you be under the age of 50 and others that you are a practicing Catholic. Review what’s required and choose a country that will accept you as parents. If you are not a US citizen, the information on the US sites is still valuable as they outline the requirements of the countries from which you may wish to adopt. These are the same for every prospective parent regardless of nationality.

From the US State Department Office of Children’s Issues

Joint Council on International Children’s Services

From Rainbow (an adoption magazine)

From the French government website (scroll down to the bottom, this lists Hague countries only)

Countries (I will continue to expand this as I get information)
Peru.  Here’s some additional information about the process. This link is for Americans who want to adopt from Peru.