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10 global parenting lessons

Christine Gross-Loh, a global mom and author of Parenting Without Borders, shows us how to incorporate the best of all cultures when raising our kids.

Here’s a story she wrote about what she learned from interviewing parents from around the world.IMG_20130907_111733-1

Take Risks

Research from Norway shows that taking certain risks, like climbing trees, is good for kids and can actually keep them safer. Taking all sorts of risks helps kids to meet their need for challenge while honing their inner judgment about what their bodies can do. Climbing a tree is also more challenging than a climbing structure on a playground, which feels “too safe,” or even boring—exactly what compels kids to take more risks.

Set Goals Just Out of Reach

Chinese teachers and parents say that encouraging kids to work hard toward a goal is like holding an apple just encouragingly out of reach. You have to get the distance just right: Too far away, and the child is too discouraged to even try; too close, and it’s not motivating enough. But you’ve got to have that apple out there.

It’s OK for Kids to Fight

This doesn’t mean condone a full-out fist fight, but Japanese parents say when kids squabble over a toy, or over which part they want to play in a make-believe game, this sort of conflict is actually good for them because it gives them a chance to experience conflict and making up—all on their own.



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