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Tokyo, Oslo most expensive cities for expats

From the UK Telegraph: The report, published by Employment Conditions Abroad (ECA), a global British outsourcer, surveyed the price of a basket of day-to-day goods and services for expats in over 390 locations (see report here).

According to the report, Tokyo’s high position is due to the growing strength of the yen, which has seriously increased the cost of living for international assignees in Japan.

Japanese cities Nagoya, Yohama and Kobe were also ranked highly in the survey, appearing in fourth, fifth and seventh places respectively.

The second and third most expensive cities were Oslo and Luanda, capital of Angola.

Oslo’ s high ranking was followed by Copenhagen’s at number eight, making Scandinavia the most expensive area in Europe for assignees.

Both Sweden and Denmark have witnessed high rises in costs in the past year, as the currency has appreciated against the US dollar and other major currencies.

Luanda was by far the most expensive African city, followed by Libreville in Gabon in thirteenth place. Lee Quane, a regional director for ECA, said: “While some may find it surprising that this African location is even in the top three, items frequently purchased by assignees can be very expensive in Angola due to decades of war resulting in a much damaged infrastructure, making supplies difficult to get through.”

The most costly location surveyed in the Americas was Rio de Janeiro, whilst in North America, Manhattan was the most expensive. In general, US locations were cheaper than in past surveys, reflecting the weakening of the dollar.

See full ECA study.

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