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Help overcoming bullying

KISS band member Paul Stanley spent his formative years being pursued by bullies. He was born with a facial deformity that prevented his right ear from forming properly and left him deaf in one ear. Kids terrorized him, calling him “Stanley the one-eared monster” and he spent a lot of time in fear of being KISSostracized and bullied. His parents were preoccupied with their mentally-ill daughter leaving Stanley to fend for himself much of the time.

When asked how he overcame bullying to become a famous rock star, he replied: “We turn it around by incrementally succeeding. You don’t take giant steps. You initially take baby steps appropriately. As you have small successes and small wins, it encourages you to go the next step.”

Stanley explains each of the baby steps he took to overcome incredible adversity in a new book, Face the Music: A Life Exposed. The book may be helpful to teens who are overwhelmed and need help finding a way to take small steps toward success.

You can buy the book for a Kindle or in hardcover.

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