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The Mission of Detective Mike: Moving Abroad

Book Review by Susan Adkins

“We’re going to live in another place. I know a lot of things will change, but I don’t know how,” says eight-year-old Mike to explain his confusion about his upcoming move abroad in this endearing new children’s book by Simone T. Costa Eriksson and Ana Serra.

Mike decides to do some sleuthing about the many concerns that perplex him. Will the people he leaves behind disappear from his life completely? What will happen to his belongings? His investigation proves both instructive and empowering. He realizes that he is not helpless in the face of unwanted change.

School-aged children will be enthralled by Mike’s adventures. The short chapters are easy to read and beautifully presented with Maria Isabel Vaz Guimarães’ colorful paintings on nearly every page.

Empathy for children shines throughout the book. Both authors have considerable expatriate experience and personally understand the challenges of making such a transition with children. Costa Eriksson applies the insight she has attained as an International Life Coach and psychologist to enlighten her adult readers about how a child experiences an international move.

“The way a child perceives international transition and adaptation is different from an adult,” the preface explains. The stated objective of the book is to help parents understand the worries their children have and to provide appropriate responses.

The book’s poignant words speak to adults as well as children. “You’ve also learned the difference between a house and a home. We see a house with our eyes. A home we see and feel with our hearts.” The comfort provided by such wisdom knows no borders.

The Mission of Detective Mike: Moving Abroad
Simone T. Costa Eriksson and Ana Serra
Summertime Publishing, 56 pages, £15.20, November 2009

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