Job sites for accompanying spouses

A nonprofit site providing job services to spouses abroad:

For TCKs/Global Nomads

tckid (A site for and by TCKids).


Expat Expert Robin Pascoe, author of books on adapting to expat life and an excellent blog.

Robin also has an excellent list of therapists and medical professionals worldwide.

Going back home

UN volunteers handbook

Excellent article in the Wall Street Journal about repatriating to the US.


Parenting with Connection

Relocation Services

Schools Choices International (helps parents who are moving find the right schools for their children).

Special Needs Help

Special-ism (Guidance for special needs children).

Parenting tips

Aha!Parenting, practical information about everything from positive parenting to preventing bullying.


Travel with kids

Kids in Barcelona (Things for English speaking families to do in Barcelona.)

Kids in Madrid (Things for English speaking families to do in Madrid.)

Mum Abroad

Bilingualism or Multilingualism

Multiple Living (excellent website)

Information about bringing up kids in:


Having a baby

Toddlers and preschoolers


Hong Kong

Toddlers and preschoolers

Hong Kong with kids (website)

Playtimes Magazine (for HK parents)


Having a baby




Being a Broad (support network and magazine for women living in Japan).

The Netherlands

Robbie Zein (TCK, counselor and child care expert based in the Netherlands)

Having a baby in the Netherlands

Raising toddlers and pre-schoolers



Children with disabilities

Adoption (also see our sister site:

Homeschooling (Singapore homeschooling group) and general information about Homeschooling in Singapore


Free printable behavior charts

Free online coloring pages