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Sun, sand and rosé in Juan les Pins

One of the pleasures of visiting the Cote d’Azur is passing a leisurely few hours dining with your IMG_20140427_121907feet in the sand – or close enough to enjoy it without having to worry about the peskiness that comes along with it. The problem for those who are in a wheelchair or have trouble walking is is that many of these beach restaurants are below a flight of stairs. The good news is that some progressive restaurant owners are installing lifts that allow access for all. We are encouraged by their efforts and hope it will spread throughout the region.

Special Needs While Abroad will highlight some of these restaurants in stories that will give you an idea of both accessibility and quality of the dining experience.

Our first review is of Restaurant Plage La Jetée in Juan les Pins. Restaurant Plage La Jetée is the only wheelchair accessible beach restaurant (and by that I mean feet on the sand beach restaurant) on the boardwalk in the village. Renovated in 2013, the owners did a fantastic job meshing accessibility and style to create a relaxing environment by day, a romantic ambiance in the evening and a club vibe late at night.

IMG_20140427_121837 A wooden deck covers the sand in the bar and restaurant areas and there are a variety of couches, lounge chairs and tables and chairs for dining. It is a casual atmosphere where you can have a drink and tapas, lounge on the private beach or enjoy a full meal.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, from fish and seafood to pasta and Asian fusion. Like most restaurants along the sea, the fish and seafood is fresh and well prepared. The salads are large, fresh and appealing on a hot summer day.  A main course will cost between 20 and 30 euros, add another 18 or so for if you order an appetizer and around 10 for a desert. For those with children the 10 euro children’s menu offers the usual fare – chicken nuggets and pasta but also the healthier alternative of salmon.

If you want to enjoy the scenery and a small bite, the tapas menu will most likely be enough for you. You can choose from frito misto (fried calamari, squid and shrimp), slices of parma ham and melon or an Asian platter for around 18 euros. A plate of sushi will set you back 10 euros for 6 pieces, 22 euros for 12 pieces and 44 euros for double that. Wine costs between 23 euros for a bottle of rosé to 80 euros for the best red on the menu.

Restaurant Plage La Jetée isn’t the most inexpensive dining option, but it is one of the most pleasant with beach access. Visit the restaurant/bar’s website for more information and pictures.


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