General Information

The FIA Guide for the disabled traveler, provides information about using Parking Permits, Cards and Placards around the world.

Tips on flying with a disability. (From a US source).

Transportation Security Administration, provides information about airport screening that is relevant to people with specific disabilities or medical conditions. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find information about what to expect if you have a specific disability.

Information about your rights in Europe (rail, air, bus, etc.)


Accessible attractions in Brussels and Flanders.

Accessible hotels in Brussels and Flanders.

Costa Rica

Accessible surfing and accessible holiday accommodations


Parks with bicycles that have been adapted for wheelchair users. (In French)

La maison des vélocipèdes – Ile de Ré (Adapted bike rentals on the island of Ré on the West coast of France).


Venice public transportation info.

Travel in the UK

Access Bath

Access Brighton

Access Leicestershire

Access Newcastle Gateshead

Download accessible guides from the Tourism Board

Adventure travels in the UK for the whole family.

Information on accessible England

Travel grants available to UK citizens.

Theater accessibility in London (wheelchair seating, braille programs, listening aides, etc.)

Wheelchair Travel UK rents accessible vans and cars.

Information about getting discounts for rail travel for disabled travelers in the UK. More information here and  here.

Information on accessible train stations in the UK.

Information on how air travel works and your rights from a UK disabilities organization.

London metro accessibility information.

Glasgow metro information.

Traveling in the US

Information about what your rights are when flying in the U.S.

Accessible beaches in California

National Parks throughout the US

The Netherlands

De Hoge Veluwe National Park has nature paths and programs that are accessible to all. This includes special bikes for wheelchair users and a 5-kilometre long cultural-historic route that is paved and takes you along the main attractions of the Park, including the Franse Berg, the foundations of the Great Museum, which was never finished, and works of art by Moore, Rimckus and Rückriem.

Rotterdam accessibility information.


Information about accessible train travel in Stockholm.

Transportation in France, explains how to get around with a disability in France.




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